How Did I Get Here?

Emulation programs such as Dave Spicer's Sparcade and Mame rekindled my long dormant interest in Arcade Games!

 A lasting memory I have of the early 80's is playing Galaxian for hours on end on Southsea pier. I spent a fortune whilst on holiday playing that game. I also remember an arcade in my home town which had all the classics. I used to spend an hour or so most evenings playing. I think collecting arcade games has become the natural progression from collecting computers! Space is a bit of a problem though.

My Collection


Arcade Games collected so far Pinball
Atari Asteroids (Upright) x 3
Atari Battle Zone (Upright)
Atari Night Driver (Upright)
Atari Pole Position (Cockpit)
Atari Star Wars (Upright)
Atari Star Wars (Cockpit) 
Atari Super Breakout (Upright)
Bally Midway Spy Hunter (Upright) 
Bally Midway Tron (Upright) 
Cinematronics/Rockola Star Castle (Upright)
Midway Gun Fight (Upright)
Midway Space Invaders (Upright)
Namco Galaxian (Upright)
Stern Berserk (Upright)
Taito Space Invaders (Upright)
Williams Defender (Upright)
Williams Sinistar (Upright)
Zaccaria Phoenix (Upright)
Pleiads in Taito Space Invaders 2 (Cocktail)
Nichibutsu Moon Quaser Table - No Board (Cocktail)
Nichibutsu Table - No Board or monitor (Cocktail)
Alca Table JAMMA (Cocktail)
2 Misc. Table Tops being restored by Ade.
Electrocoin JAMMA (Upright)
KrissKross Power MasterJAMMA Super Gun
Bally Mr & Mrs PacmanPinball
Bally Centaur Pinball (Being Restored)
Wanted - Complete machines
Atari Dig Dug
Atari Tempest
Midway Galaxian
Midway Pacman
Williams Joust
Williams Robotron
Anything else interesting from the same era.
Wanted - Parts
Amplifone HV board (working)
Atari Night Driver PCB 
Atari Steering wheel 
Atari Super Breakout PCB 
Stern Berserk PCB 
Midway Space Invaders Front Glass/Bezel 


1942 (BL?)Capcom1984Vertical WW2Shoot Em UpConvOKNo
2020 Super BaseballSNK1991Baseball - Neo Geo MVSYesOKYes
Ali BabaFalcon PlatformNoUntestedNo
Arian MissionSNK1985Vertical Shoot Em UpConvOKNo
Arkanoid II 
Updated Breakout game Yes Dead Yes
Asteroids DeluxeAtariVector GameNoUntestedNo
Tehkan 1984 Fly around, catch balloons. Conv OK No
Atari Early Game No Untested No
Buck Rogers3D  Shoot and dodgeNoUntestedNo
Captain SilverData East1987Fighting AdventureYesOKYes
Atari Garden based shooter No Untested No
CommandoCapcomRun and shootNoOKNo
CommandoCapcomRun and shootNoOKYes
Circus CharliePerform various circus featsNoUntestedNo
Crazy ClimberClimb buildingsNoUntestedNo
Crazy KongRescue girlfriend from KongNoUntestedNo
Don't know - Anyone? No Untested No
Double DragonTechnos1987Beat Em UpYesOKNo
Double DragonTechnos1987Beat Em UpYesFaultyYes
FroggerSegaCross road and riverConvOKNo
Ghost PilotSNK1990Vertical Shoot Em Up - Neo Geo MVS YesOKNo
Ghosts and GoblinsCapcomRescue Girlfield - Side ScrollerNoUntestedNo
Ghosts and GoblinsCapcomRescue Girlfield - Side ScrollerNoUntestedNo
Green BeretKonami1985Side Scrolling Plaform Combat YesOKYes
Hyper OlympicsKonami1983Sports joystick killerConvGFX ProbNo
Hyper SportsKonami1983Sports joystick killerConvOKNo
Heavy UnitTaito1988Side Scrolling Shoot Em UpYesOKNo
Jail Break 
Konami 1985 Side Scrolling Action No Untested No
Jail Break Bootleg1985Side Scrolling ActionYesUntestedYes
Juno FirstKonami1983Vertical/3D shooter ConvOKNo
Karate ChampEarly Beat Em UpNoUntestedNo
Karate ChampBootlegEarly Beat Em UpNoUntestedYes
King of Boxer
Boxing No Untested No
King of the MonstersSNK1991Monster Beat Em Up - Neo Geo MVSYesOKNo
Kung Fu MasterEarly Beat Em UpNoUntestedNo
Lady BugUniversalEat the Dots Maze GameConvOKNo
Last MissionVertical Shoot Em UpYesFaultyNo
MappyNamco1983Pick up stuff,avoid baddiesConvOKNo
No Untested No
Moon Cresta?Nichibutsu1980Vertical Shoot Em UpNoDeadYes
Moon CrestaBootleg1980Vertical Shoot Em UpNoUntestedNo
Mortal Kombat BootlegBeat Em UpYesOKYes
Mr Do Collect Cherries ConvGFX ProbNo
Mr Do BootlegCollect Cherries NoUntestedNo
Neo Geo MV-1A board SNKBoxed - NewYesOKNo
PacmaniaAtari  YesishUntestedNo
PC EngineNECClassic Console YesFaultyNo
PC EngineNECClassic ConsoleYesGFX ProbNo
Pengo Clone No Untested No
PhoenixShoot the aliensNoFaultyNo
Pit FighterAtari1990Beat Em UpYesOKYes
Prehistoric IsleSNK/BL?1989Shoot Em UpYesBad RAMNo
P.O.W.SNK Gun gameYesNo soundYes
RaidenSeibu1990Brilliant Vertical ShooterYesOKNo
Return of the InvadersTaito ShooterNoUntestedNo
Rush & CrashCapcom1986Driving ShooterYesFaultyNo
ScrambleKonami1981Side scrolling ShooterNoOKNo
ScrambleKonami1981Side scrolling ShooterNoFaultyNo
Sky SoldierSNK1988Verical Shoot Em UpYesOKNo
Space InvadersMidway1978Classic Alien ShootersNoUntestedNo
Star JackerSega1983Vertical Shoot Em UpConvOKNo
Stormin PartyTaito1986Maybe a bootlegConvFaultyYes
Star Wars
Atari 1983 Classic Vector 3D No Untested No
Super QixBootleg1987YesDeadYes
Super Side KicksSNK1992Football - Neo Geo MVSYesOKYes
Super ZaxxonSega19823D Shooter NoUntestedNo
Sega Side Scrolling Beat Em Up Conv OK No
Sky KidNamco1985Side Scrolling ShooterYesOKNo
Stormin PartyNoUntestedNo
StreetFighter IIBootlegBeat Em UpYesOKYes
Tip Top (Congo Bongo)
Sega Catch Kong No Untested No
Time Pilot  (BL?)
Konami 1982 Vertical Shooter Conv OK No
Time Pilot '84Konami1984Vertical ShooterConvOKNo
Time Soldier Shoot Em UpYesBad ROMNo
TronMidwaySay No More!NoUntestedNo
Twin Cobra
Taito 1988 Vertical Shooter Yes OK No
Twin Cobra
Bootleg Vertical Shooter Yes OK Yes
Twin EaglesTaito1988Vertical ShooterYesOKNo
Video Pool
Pool! No Untested No
Wonder Boy
Side Scrolling Adventure No Untested No
X-MenKonami1992Beat Em UpYesSnd ProbYes
XeviousAtariVertical ShooterNoOKNo
XeviousAtariVertical ShooterNoUntestedYes
ZaxxonSega/Gremlin19823D Scrolling ShooterNoUntestedNo


19- and 25-Inch Color X-Y Display - Service Manual with Schematics and illustrated Parts List (1983 Atari - TM239 - 1st Printing)
Asteroids - Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual  with illustrated Parts List (1979 Atari - TM143 - 1st Printing)
Asteroids - Schematics Package Supplement (SP143 - 1st Printing)
Asteroids - Schematics Package Supplement (SP143 - 4th Printing)
Astro Blaster - Owners Manual (Gremlin/Sega 420-0552 - 1981)
Battle Zone - Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual (1980 Atari - 1st Printing)
Defender - Workshop manual (Williams February 1981 - 16P-3001-101) - Photocopy
Defender - Operations booking (Williams March 1981) - 16P-3001-103B) 
Defender - Operations booking (Williams March 1981) - 16P-3001-103B) - Photocopy
Galaxian - Parts and Operating Manual (Midway - Game 866 - Feb 1980)
Marble Madness - Operator Manual  with illustrated Parts List (1985 Atari - TM276- 1st Printing)
Marble Madness - Schematics Package Supplement (SP276 - 1st Printing)
Missile Command - Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual  with illustrated Parts List (1980 Atari - TM147 - 2nd Printing)
Pole Position - Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual  with illustrated Parts List (198? Atari - TM???- 4th Printing)
Robotron - Instruction Manual for Upright and Compact Games (Williams May 1982 -16P-3005-101)
Space Invaders - Logic Schematic (Midway)
Space Wars - Service and Owners Manual (1978 Cinematronics, Inc.)
Speed Freak - Operator Manual (Vectorbeam)
Sprint 2 - Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual  (1976 Atari - TM078 - 1st Printing)
Starwars - Operator Manual  with illustrated Parts List (1983 Atari - TM225 - 1st Printing)
Starwars - Schematics Package Supplement (SP225 - 1st Printing)
Starwars - Schematics Package Supplement (SP225 - 2nd Printing)
System 1 - Operators Manual with illustrated Parts List (1984 Atari - TM-277 - 1st Printing)
System 1 - Schematics Package Supplement (1984 Atari - SP-277 - 1st Printing)
Time Pilot - Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual  with illustrated Parts List (1983 Atari - TM223 - 1st Printing)
Ultra Tank - Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual  with illustrated Parts List (1978 Atari - TM107 - 1st Printing)
Video Game Operator's Handbook - (1975 Atari - TM-043)
Video Game Operator's Handbook - (1975 Atari - TM-043)
Video Game Operator's Handbook - (1976 Atari - TM-043) - Latter version
Zaxxon - Operations and Schematics.

Other Stuff

Asteroids Marquee
Pole Position  Marquee
Spy Hunter PinBall Back Glass
Spy Hunter Control Panel
Spare Pole Position Pedal + Wiring Loom
3 Atari Audio boards
1 Old Midway Power Supply Board

Most Wanted List

Dig Dug
Robotron 2084
Any 'Cheesy' 70's Video Games
Any Pre-Video Electro Mechanical Games.
etc, etc.......

I'll pay a finders fee to anyone who puts me on to any classic machines that I end up buying!