About our church

The Church of All Saints, Castlefields, Shrewsbury

All Saints Church was founded by Reverend Thomas Mainwaring Bulkeley Bulkeley-Owen and consecrated in 1879.  Historically it was built for the Oxford Movement, has the architecture to support this, and the tradition still continues today.

The Anglo Catholic Faith supported the industrial workers in this area of Shrewsbury.  Today the Parish is under the Episcopal Care of the See of Ebbsfleet.  Forward in Faith..

The church has the most important surviving John Nicholson organ in the country, a very important instrument historically.  It has many beautiful stained glass windows: the nave window is of Whitefriars glass, two others from the workshop of Charles Kempe and one in arts and crafts style from the workshop of William Morris. It has a fine Banner designed by The Revd Ernest Geldart, stitched by Mary and Harriet Cope and recently restored.  It has a huge rood cross dedicated to the unknown fallen of the First World War.

     Picture left: http://www.ebbsfleet.org.uk