Regular Services

  • Sunday - Parish Mass usually with Sunday Club/Creche at 10:30am
  • Wednesday - Low Mass at 12:00pm
  • Thursday - Low Mass at 9:30am
  • Friday - Low Mass at 12:00pm

Holy Baptism

Baptism (Christening) is the first step into membership of Holy Church, and the departure from the automatic practice of Infant Baptism is to be lamented.

In the first instant, please contact Fr Simon Sayer (01743 357862) who will explain the necessary procedure to you, and help you make the arrangements for your Baptism Service.

Don’t forget

If you are already a Godparent, at the time of the Baptism you promised to see that YOUR Godchild would come to the Bishop to be Confirmed. This is the time when your Godchildren take for themselves, the promises that you made on their behalf. Any enquiries about Confirmation are practically welcome.

Holy Matrimony

As well as being one of the sacraments of the Church, Marriage is also a legal procedure, and is therefore governed by Law. If you are contemplating a Church Wedding, it is imperative that you contact the Parish Priest as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements. Contact Fr Simon Sayer (01743 357862)

The Visitation of The Sick

Fr. Simon is always ready to visit the sick, and if requested to administer Holy Communion along with the other traditional ministries of Healing, the laying on of hands and Anointing. A telephone call (01743 357862) is all that is required. It is also our practice at All Saints, to pray for the Sick and Needy at every Mass, and at Shrine Prayers on the last Wednesday of each month at 12.00 noon.


The time of Bereavement is particularly painful, and Fr. Simon is on hand to give any help and comfort that he can. Please call Fr. Simon on 01743 357862

If you would like him to officiate at the Funeral, either in All Saints, or elsewhere, simply instruct the Funeral Director, and they will make the necessary arrangements.


Please click here for a list of Parochial Fees.